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January 12, 2014


Nasqueron landing page

Nasqueron is a collection of projects, so the homepage should allow to find a resource on one of these projects. The current prototype features a responsive background and a search widget.

During development, it will be softly hidden by a landing page.






The painting used as background is Aurora Borealis from Frederic Edwin Church, an 19th century oil on canvas executed during an Arctic expedition. The widget and the different sizes served take care of the ship position.

The search will rely on several data sources, and so will allow to query the list of tools, the title of wiki pages instantaneously with autocomplete.

It also allows to easily jump to another Nasqueron site (the list is provisioned by API) with shorcuts (available with pressing the ? key):


If you wish to test it, go to and try to write something to enter. That could be relevant for Nasqueron, inspired from Ultima spells, or from general knowledge about how to enter a place. If you’re not in a mood to guess, UTSL for some solutions.

by Dereckson at January 12, 2014 09:28 AM

August 04, 2012


A starting page for a technical community

This coming soon page is for a technical (mainly development and shared resources) community.


The page uses red and gray colors, which are probably going to be main design colors.

I wanted to try some squares as a Mondrian artwork but mainly got 3 columns finally.

Community name won’t be Loreipsum, but final name is still in discussion, so the design is name-neutral.

Font used is Neuropol.

This post were initially posted in Forrst to gather opinions. Since then, name has been settled: the community name will be Nasqueron and also include creative works.

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by Dereckson at August 04, 2012 05:06 PM